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Flesh, bone, blood, sweat, tears     5'8"

These are the creations of an American original, southwestern artist Virgil M. Walker. His celebrated feathered masks and sculptures seem to be transported through time from mythical America, pagan Greece, aboriginal Australia, tribal Africa, or ancient Asia. Using a startlingly original palette of materials, Walker weaves the supernatural with the natural, the original with the traditional, and the unrepeatable with the universal. 

You have never seen anything like Virgil's art but will subconsciously seem to remember it. While the primal rhythms, patterns and colors of its forms  effortlessly echo Masai, Minoan, Mayan or Malaysian art, these works transcend  any one source in a transcultural kaleidoscope. Evoking a common, distant past, few works of art occupy their space in the present with such living force. The artist offers his own poetic clues in small commentaries for each of his creations to initiate the dialogue between the viewer and the object. That relationship, however, will no doubt be dynamic and ever shifting. Virgil's work lives and breathes with the rhythms of day and night. 

There is no other Virgil Walker. While this website is a poor substitute for experiencing his works in person, it is a worthwhile introduction to a truly original master.

                      Warren Fahy

UPDATE 2014: Due to advanced macular degeneration Virgil is no longer able to continue his work.  This site will remain alive so all can share in the beauty he has created during his life. His remaining pieces for sale can be seen at The Method Gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona.
For a overview of Virgil Walker and his work you can read
Being Takes Flight: The Feathered Sculptures of Virgil Walker  by Allen Roth.

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